Shell Turbo GT 32


Shell Turbo GT 32 is a High Performance Industrial Gas Turbine Lubricant


Shell Turbo Oil GT has been developed for the most severe operating conditions imposed by modern, heavy duty industrial gas turbines. Blended with Group III base oils some of Shell Turbo Oils GT’s physical properties differ significantly from those of conventional turbine oils.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Outstanding oxidation stability
  • The lubricant’s service life depends, to a great extent, on its oxidative stability. Excellent results in both the ‘hot oxidation test’ (FTM5308) and the ‘TOST’ life test (ASTMD943) clearly demonstrate Turbo GT’s potential for extended service life compared to conventional mineral oil technology.


Excellent thermal stability
  • Higher bearing temperatures which are particularly severe during stop/start cycling conditions, may lead to bearing deposits and the formation of harmful sludge in the system which subsequently may result in expensive “downtime” and reduce service life of system components. Shell Turbo GT gives greater protection against thermal degradation and may hence significantly contribute to lower operating and maintenance costs.


Excellent air release characteristics
  • Effective air release with a minimum of foaming tendency as required by modern gas turbines.


Main Applications


Power and industrial heavy duty gas turbines
  • Shell Turbo GT is used as the lubricating oil for main shaft bearings and mechanical gears as well as the governor oil in the turbine control valves in modern gas turbines.


Further industrial applications


  • Shell Turbo GT may also be used for other industrial applications requiring a high performance gas turbine oil, such as the lubrication of turbo compressors.


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