Q8 Mahler G8 SAE 40


Q8 Mahler G8 SAE 40 Is a high/medium ash gas engine oil.



High/medium ash gas engine oil


• Gas engine oil which is suitable for a wide variety of gasses (natural gas, biogas and landfill gas) operating at mild to severe conditions.
• Q8 Mahler G8 was specifically developed with a low deposit tendency and a high resistance against pre-ignition or knocking.
• Q8 Mahler G8 is specifically designed for high pressure gas engines (BMEP: 22 Bar or above), but is also suitable for gas engines with a
lower BMEP.


• Officially approved by:
• GE Jenbacher TI 1000-1109, for 2 and 3 series engines operating on fuel class B (biogas) & C (landfill gas).
• Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH, CG132, CG170 and CG260 engines operating on all gas types
• Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH (prev. MWM GmbH), all MWM gas engines operating on all gas types.
• Guascor Power, FGLD and SFGLD engines operating on natural gas and clean biogas
• MAN Truck & Bus AG, M 3271-4 (Special gas)
• Exceeds the requirements of a wide range of equipment manufacturers and is recommended for use in:
• GE Waukesha, GE Jenbacher, Caterpillar Energy Solutions (CAT and MWM engines), Deutz, Guascor Power, MAN Truck & Bus, MTU
Onsite Energy, Wärtsilä, Perkins, Liebherr, Tedom, 2G and Cummins


• Q8 Mahler G8 is formulated with premium quality group II base oil
• Low deposit tendency
• Good resistance against pre-ignition
• Long service life due to a high oxidation resistance
• Good detergency secures clean engine components
• Good resistance against nitration
• Protects against valve seat recession
• Good acid neutralising capacities
• Protects against rust and corrosion


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