Mobil SHC PM 320


MOBIL SHC PM 320 is a Performance Synthetic Lubricant for Paper Machine


Product Description


Mobil SHC™ PM 320 products are superior performance synthetic lubricants specifically designed for the most demanding industrial paper machine circulating systems. The Mobil SHC PM 320 oils are formulated to provide outstanding protection of gears and bearings operating under the most severe conditions. They have very low pour points and a naturally high viscosity index (VI) which helps ensure good low temperature start-up while maintaining excellent viscosity characteristics at very high temperatures. The fluids are very shear stable and maintain viscosity control even when subjected to severe mechanical shear in heavily loaded bearings and gears. Their low traction coefficient and high viscosity index can help result in lower energy consumption and reduced component operating temperatures.

To develop the latest Mobil SHC technology for Mobil SHC PM 320 oils, ExxonMobil product formulation scientists chose select base oils because of their exceptional thermal/oxidative resistance potential and combined them with a balanced additive system, which complement the inherent benefits of the base oils to attain high performance standards. These fluids permit the use of higher steam pressures, temperatures and machine speeds common in high output paper machines and calendar rolls. Their outstanding hydrolytic stability and filterability assure excellent performance in the presence of water and the ability to retain effective filtration even at very fine filtration levels. They readily separate water and retain their colour characteristics for extended periods of operation under severe conditions.


Features and Benefits


The Mobil SHC PM 320 oils represent a technological advance in paper machine lubrication. Their excellent performance capabilities in the areas of wear protection, enhanced oxidation stability, chemical stability, effective rust and corrosion protection, colour stability, and filterability not only prolong maintenance service intervals but can improve machine performance and increase production capacity. This can result in less required maintenance and longer equipment life.




  • Lubrication of severe industrial paper machine circulating systems
  • Application involving circulation systems operating over a wide temperature range such as calendar rolls
  • Systems that must be started and brought on line quickly
  • Circulation systems lubricating gears and bearings


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