Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40


Product description


Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 is a high performance oil for diesel engines, which ensures excellent lubrication of modern diesel engines and contributes to an extended engine life. This product meets or exceeds the requirements of virtually all leading European and American engine manufacturers. Its high performance has proved itself in practice in many industrial branches, applications and mixed vehicles.

The advanced base oil technology of this product offers outstanding performance in modern, low-emission, low-emission diesel engines and older diesel engines powered by low-sulfur or high-sulfur fuel. Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 combines powerful base oils with a balanced additive system to control oil thickening by soot deposits and high temperatures and provides excellent protection against oxidation, corrosion and high temperature deposits.


Features and Benefits


High-performance engines with low pollutant emissions have significantly increased the requirements for engine oils. Tighter design in the engine compartment and the use of intercoolers and turbochargers increase the thermal stress of the lubricant. Low-emission technologies such as increased fuel injection pressure and retarded ignition times require improved oil performance in areas such as oxidation stability, soot dispersal, and volatility. Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 is made from high-performance base oils and a first-class balanced additive system to provide optimum engine performance on modern diesel and gasoline engines and older models.




ExxonMobil recommended for use in:

Suction and turbo diesel engines from leading Japanese, European and American manufacturers.
Light and sword transport in road traffic
Mobile and stationary aggregates under construction, mining, quarrying and agriculture
Mixed vehicles


Specifications / Approvals


API CI-4 / CH-4 / SL / SJ

ACEA E7, A3 / B3, A3 / B4
Caterpillar ECF-2
Cummins CES 20078, 20077, 20076/20075
MB 228.3
MTU Oil Category 1 (only with open crankcase ODI up to 500 h)
MAN M3275-1
API CG-4 / CF-4 / CF
Renault Trucks RLD-2
Mack EO-M
Cummins CES 20072, 20071
Detroit Diesel 7SE 270 (4-stroke)


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