Megol Gasmotorenoel High Performance SAE 40




“megol Gasmotorenoel High Performance 40” is a gas engine oil with an increased ash content and long-term quality properties for a wide range of applications. Selected base oils and a specially developed combination of additives are the basis for good wear and corrosion protection, high acid neutralisation properties as well as excellent oxidation and temperature stability.

“megol Gasmotorenoel High Performance SAE 40” is ideal for operation with natural gas, sewage gas and landfill gas. As a result of its increased acid neutralisation properties, very good operating performances are achieved when biogas is used. In addition, “megol Gasmotorenoel High Performance SAE 40” is also suitable for hybrid operation with liquid and gaseous fuels.

The instructions issued by the manufacturers are to be followed.

Meguin also recommends this product for vehicles that are subject to the following specifications: MAN M 3271-4


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