Klüber Silvertex R 14


Klüber Silvertex R 14 is a Cleaning oil for needles and sinkers in knitting machines.

Benefits for your application


– Complies with the legal requirements set forth in EU Directive 2003/53/EC for placing NP/NPE-containing products on the market
– Especially designed for the removal of cotton or synthetic yarn residues from the stitch-forming elements without disassembly, thus less downtime of knitting machines
– The cleaning oil has been developed with leading manufacturers, ensuring a performance spectrum in line with the requirements of modern knitwear manufacturing



Klüber Silvertex R 14 is a cleaning oil based on paraffinic hydrocarbons.
Klüber Silvertex R 14 contains special additives providing a load-bearing lubricating film which ensures adequate lubrication also during the cleaning process.




Due to its low viscosity, Klüber Silvertex R 14 penetrates even very tight clearances thus reaching all the areas to be cleaned. Klüber Silvertex R 14 is a high-performance oil cleaning needles, sinkers, needle cams, needle cylinders, dials and sinker rings. It also dissolves residues from cotton or synthetic yarns in the needle slot or cam, which are flushed from the knitting machine by the oil.

Klüber Silvertex R 14 may also be applied periodically by hand oiler to the needle boards, cylinders, sinker rings or dials. In the case of severe contamination by cotton or synthetic yarn residues we recommend repeating the cleaning process several times in order to dissolve and flush dirt, yarn preparation auxiliaries and fibre residues.

The cleaning effect can be intensified by blowing with compressed air.

Application notes


Klüber Silvertex R 14 is supplied ready-to-use.


Circular knitting machine:


Particularly in the fibre area, we recommend using Klüber Silvertex R 14 periodically for cleaning needles, sinkers and cylinders of circular knitting machines. The oil can be applied through the oiler system of the knitting machine or by means of a hand oiler. Circular knitting machines running at very high speeds should be slowed down prior to applying Klüber Silvertex R 14.

Please observe that due to the excellent cleaning effect of Klüber Silvertex R 14, contaminants and fibre residues are flushed from the machine, which might increase contamination of the knitwear.


Flat-bed knitting machines:


The application of Klüber Silvertex R 14 on today’s flat-bed knitting machines is analogous to circular knitting machines. We recommend using this cleaning oil at longer intervals up to 8 hours.
Please ensure that the needle butts or sinker slides as well as needle cams are relubricated with the same needle and sinker oil after applying Klüber Silvertex R 14.

Relubrication intervals specified by some machine manufacturers have to be reduced.
Owing to viscosity changes at low temperatures, the oil should be slightly heated up before application in order to ensure trouble-free machine operation. Please observe the pertinent information on the oil containers.


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