Klüber Centoplex 2

Klüber Centoplex 2 is a Multi-purpose grease for rolling and plain bearings.


Benefits for your application


– Long-term lubrication of simple applications
– Multi-purpose greases



CENTOPLEX 2 and 3 are multi-purpose greases based on oxidation-resistant mineral oils and lithium soap. They meet the  rolling bearing grease requirements according to DIN 51825 K.Due to the good resistance to working under normal temperatures and loads these greases can be used for long term lubrication. The more viscous CENTOPLEX of NLGI grade 3 is to be used for bearings with inclined or vertical shafts or insufficiently sealed bearings.



CENTOPLEX 2 and CENTOPLEX 3 are used for rolling and  plain bearings. When used for long-term lubrication,temperatures at the friction point should be < 70 °C. The greases can be used up to their maximum service temperature of 130 °C provided fresh grease is constantly fed to the friction point. We would be pleased to provide more detailed information on relubrication intervals and quantities.

CENTOPLEX 2 and 3 are also suitable for the lubrication of toothed and worm gears, guides and threaded spindles.

CENTOPLEX 2 and 3 can be used for all applications where standard greases based on mineral oil and lithium soap acc. to DIN 51825 are used.

Application notes


CENTOPLEX 2 and 3 can be applied by grease gun, brush or spatula. If a fully-automatic lubrication system is available for relubrication, CENTOPLEX 2 should be used. For initial lubrication CENTOPLEX 2 or CENTOPLEX 3 can be used depending on the bearing seal.