Klüber Barrierta L 55/3 HV

Klüber Barrierta L 55/3 HV Is a special lubricating grease for valves eg under vacuum.


Benefits for your application


– Long-term lubricant for valves
– Wide service temperature range from – 25°C to 260°C
– Very resistant to chemicals, aggressive media, hot water, boiling water and steam
– Good sealing effect
– Synthetic
– Resistant o high loads in case of low to medium speeds




BARRIERTA L 55/3 HV is a synthetic, non-flammable and pasty sliding agent with good wetting properties for high-performance valves. It is based on fluorinated polyether oil and PTFE and can be used for temperatures from -25 °C to 260 °C.

BARRIERTA L 55/3 HV is a special grease for valves offering a long-term effect when exposed to hot water, boiling water, and steam.

BARRIERTA L 55/3 HV is resistant to chemicals and aggressive media such as concentrated acids, alkaline solutions and organic solvents (except for fluorinated hydrocarbon solvents, strong, bases, earth/alkali metals and Lewis acids). BARRIERTA L 55/3 HV is almost neutral to elastomers and plastics.




BARRIERTA L 55/3 HV ensures efficient sealing and smooth operation of valves, taper plug valves and ball valves as well as slides and butterfly valves.


Application notes


Prior to the first application, clean all friction points with white spirit 180/210 and then with Klüberalfa XZ 3-1. Afterwards blow the friction points carfully with clean, dry compressed air or hot air in order to remove all white spirit residues.

The application point has to be bright (i.e. there must not be any oil, grease or traces of perspiration) and free from contaminating particles. We recommend contacting our application engineers to ensure maximum service life. BARRIERTA L 55/3 HV is supplied as a standard product based on the characteristics listed in this product information leaflet, the data sheet and the EU materials safety data sheet.