Klüber Airpress 68

Klüber Airpress 68 Is a special oil for industrial plants and airless systems.


Benefits for your application


– Multi-purpose oils with good lubricating capacity and corrosion protection
– Reduces foam formation
– Good air shedding capacity
– Relatively high water absorption capacity
– Prevents icing
– Easy application




AIRPRESS oils are multifunctional fluids based on mineral oil and ester oil. They offer good lubricating capacity and corrosion protection. AIRPRESS oils have a foam-reducing effect and accelerate air release. They disperse up to 5 % of condensed water without causing corrosion and prevent icing.




AIRPRESS oils can be used for pneumatic systems, e.g. compressed air appliances, air systems in weaving machines, air tubes and for extending the service life of friction points like cylinders, valves and tappets. These oils are also suitable for the lubrication of spiral cutters removing lint from textiles and for chains or guides. AIRPRESS oils can be used for applications subject to high air humidity and or weak vapours of alkaline and acid solutions.

AIRPRESS 15, 32 and 68 have proven effective in gears subject to minor loads and oil-lubricated bearings, e.g. in knitting machines or oil circulation systems, e.g. spherical roller bearings, and for hydraulic systems and components of airless systems.


Application notes


AIRPRESS oils are suitable for immersion, immersion circulation and injection lubrication. The oils can also be applied by drip-feed systems, brush, oil feeder or automatic systems, e.g. oil mist lubrication systems (please observe maximum viscosity specified by the manufacturer). The friction points should be free of any contamination.


Compatibility with materials


AIRPRESS oils are neutral towards all materials commonly used in machine construction, paints and seals made of e.g. NBR. Prior to series application we recommend checking compatibility of AIRPRESS with the materials in contact.





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