Fuchs Renolin ZAF 32 MC


Fuchs Renolin ZAF 32 MC Is a shear-stable hydraulic and general lubricating oils

Fuchs Renolin ZAF 32 MC is an Universal, zinc and ash-free hydraulic fluids based on hydrotreated base oils, high natural shear stable viscosity index, very high ageing stability




The products of the FUCHS RENOLIN ZAF MC series are universal, zinc and ash-free lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids. They are based on special hydrotreated base oils (group III base oils). They offer high natural shear-stable viscosity index (VI > 140). RENOLIN ZAF MC products are based on newest zinc and ash-free additive technology. The combination of base oils and synergistic acting
additives guarantees excellent hydraulic and gear oil performance.

RENOLIN ZAF MC series are based on newest sulphur/phosphorous additive technology in
combination with selected antioxidant and corrosion protection additives. These specific additives
guarantee a very robust antiwear and extreme pressure performance. The products of the RENOLIN
ZAF MC series have excellent wear protection properties in hydraulic components (pumps and
motors). The Vickers vane pump test shows excellent results (very low wear). All performance tests have
shown extraordinarily good results compared to standard mineral based products.
The RENOLIN ZAF MC series show excellent copper compatibility and good yellow metal corrosion
protection. The corrosion protection properties show excellent results in standard test condition as well as
in humid test conditions. The products of the RENOLIN ZAF MC series offer
very high oxidation stability in conjunction with excellent and high thermal stability.
The RENOLIN ZAF MC series offer twice to three times longer service intervals in comparison to
conventional standard hydraulic fluids based on mineral oils.




Demulsifying lubricating oil and hydraulic oil with high natural, shear-stable viscosity index for universal
application in hydraulics and gears. Can be used in all kind of mobile and stationary hydraulic applications
where hydraulic fluids HVLP according to DIN 51524- 3 is recommended (HV according to ISO 6743-4).
RENOLIN ZAF MC can be used in machine tools, plastic injection machines, in stationary and mobile hydraulics.


RENOLIN ZAF MC products fulfill and surpass the antiwear requirements of industrial gear oils according
to DIN 51517-3 (EP gear oils). RENOLIN ZAF MC products can be used as an EP industrial gear oil.
The scuffing protection properties according to FZG A/8.3/90 have been surpassed with a failure load
stage > 12 with an excellent result. The RENOLIN ZAF MC products show excellent wear protection properties in roller bearing wear test. The relevant tests in FE8 roller bearing wear test at 7.5 rpm/80 °C
test temperature with an axial load of 80 kN show excellent low wear results.
All relevant requirements for industrial EP gear oils are fulfilled and surpassed. The RENOLIN ZAF MC
series can be used as a hydraulic fluid as well as industrial gear oils. The products can universally be
used. The formulation is robust under standard condition as well as under high oxidation and thermal
load. The formulation is very stable also in the presence of contamination, humidity and water.
The products of RENOLIN ZAF MC are high-value semi-synthetic hydraulic fluids based on hydrotreated
base oils. They can also be used as lubricating oils in industrial gears.

The products of the RENOLIN ZAF MC series are universal lubricants. They are multifunctional fluids
and can be used as a hydraulic fluid HLP, HVLP (HM, HV) as well as industrial gear oil CLP. The RENOLIN
ZAF MC series can be used in all kind of hydraulic applications, presses, machine tools, plastic injection machines where demulsifying hydraulic and lubricating oils are required.




The RENOLIN ZAF MC series fulfill and surpass the requirements according to


• DIN 51524-2: HLP
• DIN 51524-3: HVLP
• ISO 6743-4: HM
• ISO 6743-4: HV
• DIN 51517-3: CLP
• ISO 6743-6: CKC
• DBL 6713: HLP, HVLP
• Denison HFO, HF1, HF2




• Universal hydraulic and gear oils based on hydrotreated base oils
• Excellent low foaming properties
• Highest temperature and ageing stability
• Excellent viscosity temperature bevaviour (multigrade characteristic)
• High shear-stable viscosity index (VI > 140)
• Excellent low temperatur properties and excellent high temperature properties
• Zinc and ash-free, heavy metal-free
• Excellent wear protection, FZG > 12, FE8 – pass excellent
• Extended oil drain intervals (twice to three times longer lifetime in comparison to standard mineral oils)
• Multifunctional fluids
• HFO approved (for high pressure application)


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