Fuchs Renolin MR 32 MC


Fuchs Renolin MR 32 MC is a universal, MC-based lubricating and hydraulic fluid based on special hydrotreated base oils (MC base oils)




The products of the FUCHS RENOLIN MR MC series are universally applicable, zinc-containing lubricating and hydraulic fluids based on special semi-synthetic base oils with a high, shear-stable viscosity index (VI > 150). They have detergent / dispersant properties. The base oils which are used for the RENOLIN MR MC series are special, hydrotreated fluids, so-called MC base oils which are generated in a special hydrocracking process. These special base oils offer a higher performance compared to conventional lubricating and hydraulic fluids.




The RENOLIN MR MC-products are universal lubricating and hydraulic fluids, they have a multifunctional character. These high-quality products have proven their superiority in long-term use in
various applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic units. The RENOLIN MR MC-products can also be used as spindle, running-in, test and corrosion protection oils. RENOLIN MR MC oils are recommended for machinery operating under unfavourable atmospheric conditions such as high humidity, and for machine tools especially if water-miscible metal-working fluids are used. The RENOLIN MR MC-products have an excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour. They can be used even if great changes of the ambient temperature are encountered. The high, shear-stable viscosity index generates multigrade characteristics, a reduction of different ISO viscosity classes can be possible. Depending on the operating conditions (temperature, tank volume, oil circulating rate) the service intervals can be extended by the factor 2 to 3 if RENOLIN MR MC-products are used – compared to conventional HLP hydraulic fluids.




• Semi-synthetic, hydrotreated base oils (MC base oils)
• Excellent oxidation stability and aging resistance
• Excellent air release, low foaming
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Very good wear protection, good AW-/EPproperties
• High, shear-stable viscosity index (high VI) – multigrade characteristics (which allows a rationalization of different ISO VG classes)
• Wide operating temperature range
• Extended service intervals possible
• Multifunctional use, universally applicable
• Excellent dispersant and detergent properties (high DD content)
• Avoid electrostatic phenomena




RENOLIN MR MC oils meet and in many cases exceed the requirements:


  • DIN 51524-3: HVLPD (except demulsifying power according to DIN ISO 6614)
  • ISO 11158: HV


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