Fuchs Renolin LD 10


Fuchs Renolin LD 10 Is a Industrial flushing oil.

Fuchs Renolin LD 10 is a Functional Fluid for Cleaning and Flushing Systems.




FUCHS RENOLIN LD 10 is a functional and cleaning fluid based on special raffinates with selected additives. These additives have excellent detergent/dispersant properties and they also protect the machine elements from corrosion and wear. The high content of detergent/dispersant additives gives excellent cleaning properties and high sludge carrying capacity.



RENOLIN LD 10 can be used as a functional fluid for cleaning and flushing purposes. It can be used as a hydraulic and lubricating oil. RENOLIN LD 10 is recommended for use in machine tools where
contamination with water-miscible fluids in the hydraulic system is forming sludge or tacky residues. The machine can operate during the flushing and cleaning process. (Please change the
fluid after the cleaning procedure.)




RENOLIN LD 10 can be used as a hydraulic and lubricating oil according to


• DIN 51502: HLPD
• DIN 51524-2: HLP (except for demulsifying properties)
• ISO 6743-4: HM


Advantages / Benefits

• Good detergent/dispersant properties
• Excellent sludge-carrying capacity
• Good wetting properties
• Excellent protection against wear
• Excellent corrosion protection for steel and nonferrous metals
• High oxidation stability
• Stable lubricating film


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