Fuchs Renolin Bohrhammeröl DL 68


Fuchs Renolin Bohrhammeröl DL 68 Is a a hammer drill oil

Fuchs Renolin Bohrhammeröl DL 68 is a Special oil for jack hammers and pneumatic drills




FUCHS RENOLIN-BOHRHAMMERÖL DL 68 is a special oil for pneumatic drills and other air-tools. Compressed air has the disadvantage that it contains moisture. Particularly when air expands rapidly inside tools, moisture precipitates out of the air and washes normal lubricants from moving surfaces. This results in excessive wear. A further disadvantage is corrosion which can cause expensive failures. Only special lubricants which contain anti-wear additives can effectively combat wear and increase reliability.


RENOLIN-BOHRHAMMERÖL DL 68 contains additives which guarantee excellent wear protection, good corrosion protection, excellent oil film stability (surface-active substances) and a high detergent / dispersant capacity (self-cleaning properties). This combination of additives is designed to increase the reliability and cut maintenance costs of pneumatic tools.




RENOLIN-BOHRHAMMERÖL DL 68 is recommended for the lubrication of air-powered machines, tools, jack hammers and pneumatic drills.


Advantages / Benefits


• Excellent wear protection
• Good corrosion protection
• High film stability
• High detergent / dispersant capacity
• Avoids the formation of deposits
• Emulsifies condensing water


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