Fuchs Reniso S 68


Fuchs Reniso S 68 Is a fully-synthetic refrigeration oil

Fuchs Reniso S 68 is a Fully synthetic, alkylbenzene-based (AB) refrigeration oils for chlorine-containing refrigerants (RENISO S 68 also for NH3 applications)




The FUCHS RENISO S/SP series are fully synthetic, alkylbenzene-based refrigeration oils with anti-wear properties for chlorine-containing refrigerants. Sophisticated production processes ensure that the RENISO S/SP products are sulphur- and wax-free. RENISO S/SP products were developed for critical applications especially when good anti-wear properties are required. Compared to equiviscous, mineral oil-based refrigeration oils, the following wear protection values were established: Four ball scar diameter (1 h at 150 N) RENISO SP 46:

Mineral oil:
0.3 mm
0.6 mm

Almen-Wieland test RENISO SP 46 Mineral oil:

9000 N
1000 N


General Information


Because of its additivation the RENISO SP-series is not suitable for the use with ammonia. For NH3 applications we recommend RENISO S 68 which is free of additives.




RENISO SP 46: NSF H2 registration:


registration no. 146751




• Very high thermal stability
• Excellent ageing and oxidation resistance
• Excellent low-temperature behaviour (flocculation point with R22 < -60 °C)
• Excellent oil-refrigerant solubility (miscibility gap with R22 < -70 °C)
• Excellent wear protection
• Good extreme-pressure (EP/AW) properties


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