Fuchs Referenzfluessigkeit IRM 902


Fuchs Referenzfluessigkeit IRM 902 is a reference oil

Fuchs Referenzfluessigkeit IRM 902 is an IRM REFERENCE OILS per ASTM D 471-06




The ASTM standard test method D 471-06 deals with the effect of liquids on elastomers (“Rubber Property – Effect of Liquids”). Besides describing the procedures for various elastomer tests, it lists standard test liquids with which reference measurements can be performed. The ASTM D 471-06 method divides the standard test liquids into three groups:


• IRM reference oils
• ASTM reference fuels
• ASTM service liquids


IRM Reference oils


The reference oils listed under FUCHS  IRM — IRM 901, IRM 902 and IRM 903 — are mineral oils with different paraffin and aromatic concentrations. Basically, the effect on elastomers increases as the content of aromatics increases (swelling behaviour). IRM 901 has the lowest aromatic concentration, and IRM 903 has the highest aromatic concentration. The aniline point is generally regarded as the indicator of aromatic content. The aniline point is the temperature in °C at which a solution made homogeneous by warming and having identical parts by volume of oil and aniline becomes cloudy when cooled, due to separation. The lower the aniline point, the higher the aromatic content and, therefore, the swelling behaviour of the mineral oil. ASTM oils No. 2 and 3 used previously were suspected of having carcinogenic effects, and were replaced by IRM oils 902 and 903. The introduction of IRM 901 as a replacement for ASTM No. 1 oil was necessitated by the sudden unavailability of ASTM No. 1 oil. The IRM oils behave very similarly to elastomers, but they are not fully equivalent to ASTM oils No. 1, 2 and 3.


FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH keeps the reference oils IRM 901, IRM 902 and IRM 903 on hand at all times. These reference oils are imported, original oils. This ensures that the test results obtained with them are comparable around the world.

Please refer to ASTM D 471-06 and ASTM D 5964-07 for more information.


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