Fuchs Plantosyn 46 HVI


Fuchs Plantosyn 46 HVI Is a Hydraulic oils based on saturated synthetic esters 

Fuchs Plantosyn 46 HVI is an Environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil based on saturated synthetic esters





The FUCHS PLANTOSYN HVI oils are environmentally acceptable high-performance hydraulic and lubricating oils based on saturated synthetic esters.


These oils can be used universally in all hydraulic systems, even under severe operating conditions.


PLANTOSYN 46 HVI has been tested and approved by well-known manufacturers of hydraulic components like Bosch Rexroth and Sauer Sundstrand. PLANTOSYN HVI products fulfill and
surpass the requirements according to ISO 15380. PLANTOSYN HVI products are normally compatible with materials usually found in hydraulic systems. For dynamic stress as seals the use of viton FKM material is recommended.






PLANTOSYN HVI oils are rapidly biodegradable synthetic saturated ester oils for the toughest demands. They can be used in all applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic units where the use
of biodegradable synthetic ester based hydraulic oil according to ISO 15380 HEES is recommended. The PLANTOSYN HVI products should be used where oil leakage or oil spillage will give a soil or
water pollution. PLANTOSYN HVI products can be used as an alternative to conventional HLP/HM hydraulic oils and have proved their perfect suitability in many applications (construction machinery, earth moving equipment, loading cranes, floor conveyor vehicles and hydraulic platform systems in trucks, harvester). The application temperatures can be between -30 °C and 100 °C
tank temperatures. Temperatures above 100 °C are temporarily possible.








• Based on renewable resources
• Rapidly biodegradable (> 60 % acc. to OECD 301 B)
• Multi-purpose characteristic (multi grade)
• Miscible with mineral oil and polyalphaolefin
• Excellent viscosity temperature behaviour (high VI)
• Good low temperature behaviour
• Shear stable
• Good corrosion protection
• Natural dissolving properties
• Very high resistance to ageing
• Excellent hydrolytic stability
• Very good wear protection
• Excellent lubricating properties
• Lifetime lubricating possible


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