Fuchs Plantolube Polar 22-S


Fuchs Plantolube Polar 22-S Is a Hydraulic oils based on saturated synthetic esters

Fuchs Plantolube Polar 22-S is a Rapidly biodegradable low-temperature multi-purpose oils based on synthetic esters, biodegradable > 60% according to OECD 301 B





FUCHS PLANTOLUBE POLAR S oils are designed for the lubrication needs of units which are operated in low ambient temperatures or have to start in emergency situations in very low temperatures, but may also be exposed to high operating temperatures. As a result of the high viscosity index and wide temperature range, it is possible to operate equipment throughout the year using these oils. PLANTOLUBE POLAR S oils also offer excellent corrosion and wear protection characteristics.


The PLANTOLUBE POLAR S oils are rapidly biodegradable. They exceed the minimum technical requirements for rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluids according to ISO 15380, and they comply with DIN 51517-3 and DIN 51524-3.






PLANTOLUBE POLAR S oils are used to lubricate gears, bearings and adjustment drives in extremely
low ambient temperatures, for example in polar areas, cold climate chambers and in freezing systems in the
food industry. Other applications include, for example, drives and hydraulic systems at water-works and
mountain railways. PLANTOLUBE POLAR S oils are an environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil
for hydraulically controlled high performance switches in open air systems. When changing from mineral oil
to PLANTOLUBE POLAR S, the conversion regulations set out in ISO 15380 must be observed.




• Excellent lubricating properties
• Low evaporation losses
• Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
• Very good low-temperature characteristics
• Extremely low pourpoint
• Excellent shear stability
• Natural cleaning effect
• High ageing resistance
• Very good wear protection, FZG > 12
• Biodegradability > 60% according to OECD 301 B






The PLANTOLUBE POLAR S oils meet and in many cases exceeds the requirements according to



• ISO 15380: HEES


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