Fuchs Anticorit RPC 5000


Fuchs Anticorit RPC 5000 Is a corrosion protection concentrate

Fuchs Anticorit RPC 5000 is a Corrosion Protection Concentrate






ANTICORIT RPC 5000 is a barium free corrosion protection concentrate. Its formulation is based on modern rust protection additives and hence combines an efficient rust protection and good environmental compatibility at the same time.


ANTICORIT RPC 5000 is typically used as a dilution in solvents or low-viscosity oils. White spirits and, if
the application machinery permits, chlorinated hydro-carbons can also be used as solvents. It forms a clear solution in most solvents and leaves an oily, non-resinating protective film on metal surfaces.


ANTICORIT RPC 5000 is used, if a high corrosion protection is needed. It is also suitable as corrosion
protection agent for difficulty accessible construction units or as rust dissolving agent.





FUCHS ANTICORIT RPC 5000 can be applied by all commonly-used methods after dilution with solvents.
Use in other fluids Increased corrosion protection requirements on metal-working fluids (cutting oils, grinding oils,
drawing compounds) can be met by adding 2-4 %

ANTICORIT RPC 5000 to the neat oil.


ANTICORIT RPC 5000 is ideally suited for oiling components in solvent degreasing processes. Good
results can be achieved by adding up to 5 %. Furthermore, ANTICORIT RPC 5000 is also available in handy 400 ml spray cans.






• Excellent corrosion protection for ferrous and non- ferrous metals even if the film is extremely thin
• Free of barium
• Good lubricity
• Economical – high spreading tendency
• Removable with neutral or alkaline water-based cleaners



Storage conditions



If sealed in the original container ANTICORIT RPC 5000 can be stored at temperatures between
– 20 °C and + 40 °C for at least 3 years.


The indication of a minimum period of storage does not include any guarantee of durability


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