Fuchs Anticorit DFW 9301


Fuchs Anticorit DFW 9301 is a dewatering fluid/Corrosion Preventive Oil for rapid water displacement.




FUCHS ANTICORIT DFW 9301 is our newest generation  barium free corrosion preventive and dewatering fluid that produces a thin, greasy / waxy film. It is VOC free according to the European regulation 1999/13/EC. The new formulation considerably improves the performance of the product, providing better demulsifying and corrosion protective properties. ANTICORIT DFW 9301 is used for the corrosion protection of metal parts, tools, machine components, gears, motors and spare parts. The thin, oily film is compatible with all conventional motor and gear oils and does not have to be removed before installation or start up. ANTICORIT DFW 9301 is stable against acidic or alkaline contamination and is therefore especially suitable for use in the galvanising industry for conservation and drying. ANTICORIT DFW 9301 is suitable for inter-process, storage, and also as transport protection of components. It may be combined with VCI-products. We recommend the application of ANTICORIT VCI products. By the implementation of a fluorescent dye, an optical detection of the product on the metal surface is possible.




ANTICORIT DFW 9301 is typically used in dippingbaths. It can also be sprayed. The valid safety regulations have to be taken into account. The special solvent used to fulfil the European regulations 1999/13/EC, leads to longer drying times than with standard dewatering fluids. ANTICORIT DFW 9301 can be removed with water based industrial cleaners or with solvents of the RENOCLEAN series. In some applications a removal from the surface is not necessary as ANTICORIT DFW 9301 is compatible with common lubricants.




• VOC free according to European regulation 1999/13/EC (solvent vapour pressure < 10 Pa at 20 °C)
• Intensive and improved dewatering
• Good corrosion protection
• Thin, waxy-greasy film
• All-round applicable
• Free of barium
• Very good compatibility with many materials


Storage conditions


  • If sealed in the original container the product can be stored at temperatures between + 5 °C to + 40 °C for 3 years.
  • The indication of a minimum period of storage does not include any guarantee of durability.


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