Eni Rotra SX S 75W-90


Eni Rotra SX S 75W-90 Is an hypoid transmission oil on synthetic basis


Hypoid transmission oil on synthetic basis with highest-pressure properties (EP) and LS additives for extreme loads in locking differentials.


Properties and Performance:


Eni ROTRA SX/S is a synthetic transmission oil and has significant advantages in comparison to usual mineral based transmission oils:
• Selected high pressure additives ensure a safe lubrication under most extreme conditions
• Due to the high viscosity index it provides a good flowability at all temperatures and
therefore ensures an optimum lubrication
• Exquisite components guarantee best corrosion protection and minimal foaming behaviour.
They cause a reduction of friction and take care of fuel economy and noise reduction
• The excellent oxidation stability prevents early oil ageing and thickening of the viscosity
• The well-balanced Limited Slip properties enable the application in transmissions with selflocking differential
• The miscibility with vehicle transmission oils based on mineral oil is given




Eni ROTRA SX/S is especially suitable for the lubrication of high-loaded, vehicle hypoid differentials. This special transmission oil is ideal for all all-wheel vehicles with self-locking differential respectively starting-traction control.
Eni ROTRA SX/S is the follow-up product for Agip ROTRA LSX.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.




Eni ROTRA SX/S is approved by name respectively meets the requirements* of the following specifications:

API GL-5+LS ZF TE-ML 05D*, 07A


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