Eni Rotra HY DB 80W


Eni Rotra HY DB 80W Is an EP gear oil


Eni Rotra HY DB is a EP gear oil formulated for the application in gears and axle drives where a gear oil according to API GL-4 is prescribed. Furthermore it is applicable in gears, axle drives and power take-off of agricultural and constructional machinery.


Properties and performance:


• eni ROTRA HY DB contains special EP additives that produce a high load lubrication film, suitable for high loads in gears and axle drives.
• Excellent wear protection properties and the loadable lubrication film reduce the wear on tooth flanks and bearings.
• Oxidative stability maintain the good lubrication properties also at contact with very hot constructional parts. This avoids an increase of Viscosity or sludge formation.
• Good rust protection properties prevent corrosion at all metallic constructional parts and the lubrication film stability is ensured due to the excellent anti-foam behaviour.
• Important!: eni Rotra HY DB is not allowed to be applied where oils according to API GL-5 are prescribed.


eni ROTRA HY DB is approved by name respectively meets the requirements of the following specifications:

• API GL-4
• MIL-L-2105
• MB approval 235.1
• ZF TE-ML 02B,17A
• Liebherr Cranes


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