Eni I-Sint MS 5W 40


Eni I-Sint MS 5W 40 Is an innovative synthetic technology lubricant

eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 is an innovative synthetic technology lubricant with “mid-SAPS” (MS) characteristics, specifically formulated to lubricate gasoline or diesel engines of passenger cars or light vans which require lubricants of the newest technology. These lubricants are to meet new performance specifications from important OEMs. They reduce exhaust pollutants in combination with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and comply with the latest emission legislation.

Properties and performance:

• High levels of metal-based additives in engine oils can contribute to long term blocking of exhaust systems, increasing harmful emissions. eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 uses low levels of these additives to prolong the life of after-treatment systems.
• eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 strongly resists to oxidation due to high temperatures in presence of air and other agents thus allowing the long drain intervals provided by car manufacturers with a wide qualitative margin.
• eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 is free-flowing at cold temperatures which allows easier engine start-up. It has high fuel economy characteristics, which turn into reduced fuel consumption and therefore reduced CO2 emissions.
• eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 exhibits exceptional resistance to mechanical shear stress, therefore the product provides the highest level of protection against viscosity loss in service.

International specifications:



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