Eni I-Sint Classic 20W-50


Eni I-Sint Classic 20W-50 is a mineral multi-grade oil

eni i-Sint Classic 20W-50 is a general-purpose multigrade lubricant suitable for gasoline and diesel engines operating under mild duty conditions. it is particularly indicated for Classical and Vintage Cars.

Properties and Performance:

• eni i-Sint Classic 20W-50 has an extremely high Viscosity Index which keeps it freeflowing when cold and maintains high viscosity when hot.
• Its good detergent-dispersant properties effectively minimize the formation of lacquer and varnish as well as sludge and other deposits thus preventing ring sticking and keeping pistons clean.

• eni i-Sint Classic 20W-50 is resistant to deterioration especially that caused by oxidation due to prolonged high-temperature operation in the presence of air and other agents.
• Its antiwear properties ensure long life for all moving parts, substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhauls.
• It has anticorrosion properties which afford effective protection of the engine.
• Its formulation ensures performance without the need for a high percentage of organometallic
additives reducing combustion chamber deposits.

Specifications and approvals:

eni i-Sint Classic 20W-50 meets the requirements of the following specifications:

• API Service SJ/CF
• CCMC European Sequence G2, D1
• US Department of the Army MIL-L-46152C


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