Eni Betula S 68


Eni Betula S 68 is a synthetic refrigerator oil.

eni BETULA S is a synthetic refrigerator oils with excellent properties for the lubrication of cooling devices and other machines that are used at very low temperatures.

Properties and Performance:

eni BETULA S products have following properties that guarantee a trouble free application of refrigerant compressors they are used in:

• Due to the low Pourpoint and Flock point combined with good high temperature properties Agip BETULA S is suitable for the lubrication of high performance refrigerant compressors and prevents problems that might occur due to the dragging along of compressor oil through the cooling fluid.

• Due to the high chemical stability Agip BETULA S doesn’t react with cooling fluids. Also if the oil is mixed with them the mixture doesn’t attack metals and sealings which had been proven in the Philipp-Test.
• Low carbon contents reduce the tendency to form deposits on hot surfaces of the compressor valves.
• High dielectric strength avoids problems in compressors where the lubricant gets in contact with the turns of the electric engine.
• The good lubrication properties prevent wear problems at the moving parts of the machine.
• The high viscosity index prevents a viscosity change at all working temperatures of refrigerant compressors.


eni BETULA S oils are intended for the lubrication of refrigerant compressors (piston, vane/screw-type and vane-type compressors) for the hermetical domestic type, open and half sealed industrial units of cool and heating pumping systems that are filled with different cooling fluids (Ammoniac, Freon 12, Freon 22, etc.).
It can be also used in other equipment and machines that are used at low temperatures.


eni BETULA S meets the requirements of following specifications:

– DIN 51 503 KC
– DIN 51 303 KA
– MM-O-2008 tipo II (NATO O-283)
– MM-O-2008 tipo II (NATO O-290)
– VV-L-825b Type II (NATO O-283)
– VV-L-825b Type IV (NATO O-290)

eni BETULA S is approved by following manufacturers:



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