Eni Betula 68


Eni Betula 68 Is a superior quality lubricant.

Agent free refrigerator oil of high purity grade from high-quality naphtenic mineral oil raffinates with excellent cold behaviour.

Properties and Performance:

Due to the balanced refining technology eni BETULA has good lubrication properties and corrosion protection, excellent resistance against refrigerants, good thermal stability and a favourable cold flow behaviour. The favourable cold flow behaviour enables easy deoiling on the evaporator side and therefore ensures the trouble-free operation of the refrigerator system. Paraffinic deposits in the lubrication circulation and at the throttle valves are
effectively prevented.

eni BETULA offers all properties essential for the right lubrication of refrigerators such as very long oxidation and coking tendency and a low freezing and flock-point.


eni BETULA is for the lubrication of refrigerant compressors, cooling systems and machines that are operated at low temperatures. This product can be applied in all areas of refrigeration and air conditioning, in industrial refrigerators with high or low evaporation temperatures.

Refrigerator oils of the group KA are mainly favoured for ammoniac systems, group KC for other refrigerants. When using CO2 or SO2 as refrigerant eni OBI is recommended as lubricant.


eni Betula 68 meets the test requirements of the following specifications:

• DIN 51303 KAA
• DIN 51503 KC
• MM-O-2008 Typ II (NATO O 283)

eni Betula 68 is approved from the following manufacturers:

• BITZER KT-500-5 (with old name TER)


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