Castrol Techniclean SC 170


Castrol Techniclean SC 170 is a detergent heat transfer system cleaner




Castrol Techniclean™ SC 170 (previously called BP Transclean 801) is a high performance detergent liquid, soluble in all mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon fluids.




Techniclean SC 170 is designed for internal cleaning of systems using heat transfer fluids. It assists in loosening and removing carboneous deposits, products of oxidation, resins and gums from heaters, pipe work and process vessels, thereby reducing the need for mechanical cleaning. Techniclean SC 170 removes the deposits that accumulate on heat-transfer surfaces after long or unusually severe service, and sends them into circulation: large particles are removed in filters, and small particles remain in suspension until removed during the oil change. Techniclean SC 170 is compatible with all mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbons, but should not be used with waterbased products and phosphate esters. Techniclean SC 170 can be used as a preventive action or for treatment before replacement with fresh oil. Conditions of Use Preventive treatment is recommended for systems operating in severe service conditions, typically leading to rapid fluid degradation. In this case, 0.5% addition of Techniclean SC 170 in the oil will prevent deposit formation on internal surfaces of the system. Before draining the system, required by an excessive heat transfer fluid degradation, it is recommended to incorporate 1 to 2% of Techniclean SC 170 and follow-up during a period from 8 to 15 days.




  • Supports to lower the energy consumption due to increased heat-transfer efficiency.
  • Helps to reduce the cost of cleaning heat-transfer systems.
  • Enables deposits to be cleaned from inaccessible heat-transfer efficiency surfaces.
  • Economical through low treat rate.


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