Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40


Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40 Is a heavy duty diesel engine oil.


Maximum oil drain & protection for latest European diesel engines




Castrol Enduron SLD 3 is a 10W-40 heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to allow fleet operators to run their new vehicles to maximum oil drain intervals.


The primary application for Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40 is for the latest low emission Euro 4 & Euro 5* European trucks and buses. It can also be used in older trucks and buses, and in off-road vehicles and equipment that require this performance level. It is particularly suited for use in Scania engines. Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40 is designed for maximum drain intervals in accordance with the engine manufacturers recommendations.
* Not for use in Euro 4 & Euro 5 vehicles requiring low SAPS lubricants. For this application we recommend Castrol Enduron Low SAPS



Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40 uses advanced technology to provide excellent engine protection for Euro 4 & Euro 5 vehicles when used at maximum oil drain intervals, even under severe operating conditions.

User benefits include:


• Maximum oil drain intervals to keep vehicles on the road for longer. The extra-strong additive system in Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40 keeps on working even in the toughest conditions. Scania have approved Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40 for use at their maximum oil drain intervals.
• Engine protection, even when soot and other contaminants are present. Castrol Enduron SLD 3 10W-40 has been developed to protect the latest European vehicles against all types of engine wear, deposit build-up and bore-polishing. Its advanced formulation continues to protect even under the most severe conditions so extending engine life and preventing unscheduled downtime.


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