Autol Bio HVI 46

Autol Bio HVI 46 Is an fast biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Autol Bio HVI 46 is a Fast biodegradable hydraulic fluid based on vegetable oil.

AUTOL HYDRAULIKÖL BIO HVI 46 is an environmentally compatible hydraulic fluid based on selected vegetable oils formulated with a zinc free additive system and according to the CEC method fully biogradable. When formulating this product special importance have been attached to such properties as good wear and corrosion protection, high ageing stability and good shear stability, as well as low water endangering (WGK 1), toxicologically harmlessness and good biogradability.

Used hydraulic fluids based on vegetable oils have to be stored separately from mineral oils and separately disposed.


AUTOL HYDRAULIKÖL BIO HVI 46 is a various applicable hydraulic fluid with a high viscosity index and good lubrication properties. Their operative range includes hydraulic systems where the manufacturer prescribes a HLP oil with the ISO VG 32, 46 or 68, where a great danger insists to bring them into the environment unintentionally and the temperature of the oil tank will not exceed 80°C during continu ous operation. These are usually mobile hydraulic systems in the agricultural, constructional and forestry industries, which mainly work outside and where there is an increased danger of water ingress.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products and change intervals.

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