Aral Deganit B 220


ARAL Deganit B 220 Is a durable stringy special oil

ARAL Deganit B 220 is an Adhesive oil



Aral Deganit B 220 is a durable stringy special oil with a distinctive adhesive power, which ensures the minimization of friction resistance between slide way and guide rails. The exact control and feed accuracy of the tool carriage makes possible the prevention of extruding lubricating film. Thereby stick-slip movements are avoided, which can impair working accuracy and in extreme cases can lead to the blockage of the tool carriage.

Operational area:

Aral Deganit B 220 is especially suitable for the lubrication of machines, as well as slideways. It is useable for other applications such as a central lubricant.

In addition Aral Deganit B 220 is suitable for the employment as a hydraulic oil and as a lubricant for bearings and gears.


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