Agip Precis System-Multifluid

Agip Precis System-Multifluid Is a highly loadable EP hydraulic oil

Agip Precis System-Multifluid is a Highly loadable EP hydraulic fluid with true multigrade characteristic as well as detergent and wear reducing properties for the service life extension also under severe conditions.

Properties and Performance:

Eni PRECIS SYSTEM MULTIFLUID had been developed to achieve a definitive prolongation of the oil change intervals with cost savings and to achieve a reduction of the waste oil quantity under ecological aspect, similiar as it is already common with other modern engine oils. Therefore a new efficient formulation of a hydraulic oil had been chosen that highly exceeds the requirements of the DIN 51 524 T.2 and T.3 respectively has additional properties.

Exquisite base oils and a carefully selected additive combination ensure a good ageing resistance, a very good corrosion protection of all oil wetted metal surfaces and an excellent pressure absorption capacity as well as a reliable lubrication in the mixed friction area.

Additionally this high-quality hydraulic fluid excels with very good dispersing power and detergency as well as its multigrade character.

Operational interference caused due to cavitation and pollution respectively due to inadmissible changes of viscosity are reduced and therefore the operating life of the hydraulic components are noticeable extended. The excellent cold flow behaviour has to be especially emphasised.

Eni PRECIS SYSTEM MULTIFLUID belongs to the new generation of power transmission media. Compared with standard oils after system cleaning and additional filtration a four times prolongation of the change intervals can be achieved. The respectively attainable maximum change intervals depend on the specific oil load.


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