Agip Arnica Extra Plus

Agip Arnica Extra Plus Is an environmentally compatible hydraulic fluid

Agip Arnica Extra Plus is a Fast biodegradable hydraulic fluid on synthetic ester basis for all highly stressed hydraulic systems.

Properties and Performance:

Eni ARNICA EXTRA pluS is an environmental compatible hydraulic fluid based on selected, completely saturated, synthetic di-carbon acid ester and is, according to the method OECD- 301-B, 60% disposed in 21 days. In order to guarantee a universal application it is based on the performance level of the mineral HLP-oils and complemented by the favourable viscosit  grade and high viscosity index of a synthetic oil. Protection against wear and corrosion, aging stability, compatibility to elastomer, high temperature resistance and air release properties are characteristics where great importance is attached to effectively protect the pumps against cavitations and to ensure a high operating security.

Eni ARNICA EXTRA pluS can be mixed with mineral oil and is therefore best suited for the re-oiling of tools under observation of the conversion guidelines of the VDMA. Disposing can be carried out as used oil according to Waste Disposal No. 13 01 12 of the collective group 4, however the law prescribes separate storage for this collective group.


Eni ARNICA EXTRA pluS is a multi-purpose hydraulic fluid with a large temperature range, high viscosity index and good lubricating properties. The application field includes mobile and working hydraulics, hydraulic operating systems, also stationary systems and hydraulic drives. A noticeable extension of the oil-change-intervals is possible when handled with care. The range of application is substantially bigger than that of vegetable-oil-based lubricants.

Eni ARNICA EXTRA pluS is among other officially approved by name by O&K as high performance oil for the unlimited application.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.




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