The Perfect Oil for Both Petrol and Diesel Engines is Megol Motorenoel Super Leichtlauf FAMO SAE 10W-40


If you are looking for kind of an engine oil that can work perfectly for your diesel and petrol engines then you need to go for the megol Motorenoel Super Leichtlauf FAMO SAE 10W-40. Yes, you can keep your diesel and petrol engine in superior condition with regular application of this oil.

It is a low-friction engine oil that gives the engine better protection against all-weather conditions. This types of engine oils are perfect for reducing the stress while making long journeys. The research and testing have proved the engine oil perfect for both types of engines.

There is no need to change the engine oil in short period of time. The advanced additive technology gives low-friction to the engine and makes the ride smoother. The best part is that it can be mixed with all engine oils which are commercially available. The specifications and approvals are ACEA A3, Global DHD-1, Mack EO-M Plus, Renault Trucks RLD-2 and many more.


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