Get Total High Power Lubricants 15w40 Oil and 10w30 Engine Oil at Schmierstoffe Service


Schmierstoffe Service offers high power mineral oil base extreme pressure lubricants like Total 15w40 Oil for you. The lubricant is recommended for Euro 3 and all its predecessor engines designed in Europe and America. It is also designed for adoption to Euro 5. The lubricants have excellent power to give protection to all engines and also extend the oil drain gap period of the engines.

The total lubricant can also be conveniently used in mixed brand engines. It has excellent viscosity stability and can guarantee satisfactory engine lubrication even in adverse conditions.

We also offer for you 10w30 engine oil that is ideal for having clean running engine and increasing he life span of an engine in which the lubricants are used. It has good thermal and oxidation capabilities and can give your machines extended life.


Looking for any other schmierstoffe product in TOTAL OIL & LUBRICANTS or other Lubricant ? Just give us a call.





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