Buy High Quality Synthetic Lubricant Castrol Alphasyn T 220 at Schmierstoffe Service


Schmierstoffe Service provides high quality synthetic lubricant Castrol Alphasyn T 220 for you. The product is based on polyalphaolefin or PAO fluids and for performance enhancement extreme pressure additives like sulphur and phosphorus have been added to the lubricant. Hence it gives excellent protection to gears of all your industrial machineries. The lubricants are especially suitable for gear boxes where micro-pitting resistance is necessary.

You can use the lubricants over a wide range of applications working in extreme environments like mining, quarrying, and paper production.

We also provide you Castrol Alphasyn PG 220 that is another PAO based lubricant with high viscosity index. It has enhanced protective powers due to use of antioxidant, rust inhibitors and extreme pressure additives and has high thermal stability. The product is ideal for giving protection to your worm reduction gearboxes.


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