Schmierstoffe Service Offers Genuine Petronas Arbor MTF 10W 30

Schmierstoffe Service Offers Genuine Petronas Arbor MTF 10W 30


Schmierstoffe Service provides for you genuine and qualitative Petronas Arbor MTF 10W 30, the universal lubricant for various types of engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, and wet brakes used in farm machineries as well as tractors. The product belongs to the category of S.T.O.U oils and comes with a wide range of features.

Petronas Arbor MTF 10W 30 provided by us has high anti-wear abilities that provides excellent protection to all engine and transmission components. It conforms to dangerous substances directive 67/548/EEC and therefore is safe using.

We at Schmierstoffe Service also provide optimol longtime PD 0 that is a long time grease with microflux trans. The solid-free and high pressure semi fluid grease can be conveniently used for long term gear lubrication. The product gives excellent protection to gears and rolling bearings ensuring long life span for them.

Importance of Anti-Wear Properties in Engine Oil

Importance of Anti-Wear Properties in Engine Oil


One of the most important aspects you should look for while deciding about the engine oil is its wear protection properties and let me tell you, it is not something you should ignore at any cost. For mechanical and transmission devices, lubrication is important and that too with superior anti wear properties.

However, there are many engine oils with good anti wear properties, but in extreme conditions, they miserably fail. However, Petronas ARBOR MTF 10W-30 is one of its kind engine oils that can be your perfect friend when you are looking for high end performance and that too with best anti wear properties that can work in extreme operating conditions.

One of the most influential properties of this series engine oil is that they are good at maintaining the high thermostability and that too by applying constant lubrication oil pressure. They are perfect in all senses and you can rely on them for the best engine performance.

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