Schmierstoffe Service Offers Mineral Base Gear Lubricant Castrol Alpha SP 46


Schmierstoffe Service offers mineral based gear oil lubricant Castrol Alpha SP 46 that is high quality extreme pressure oil with enhanced performance. Its performance is enhanced with additives like sulphur and phosphorous. The lubricants have anti corrosion and anti foaming capabilities. It has got good thermal stability and demulsification as well as low resistance to foaming. The lubricants work on all types of enclosed gear drives including worm gear units made with steel and bronze.

We also offer Castrol Alpha EP 100 that is extreme pressure gear oil and can be used for gears operating in heavy or shock loads excellently.

Castrol SP Alpha products offered by Schmierstoffe Service meet the standards set by various industry standards. SP 46 and EP 100 also conforms to corresponding ISO viscosity standards. They also expand the oil drain time gaps.


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