Longer Oil Life and Less Fluid Maintenance with Our Shell Omala Oil


Schmierstoffe Service provides for you best quality Shell Omala Oil that enhances the oil life. Fluid maintenance is reduced in result and this on turn increases the longevity of the equipments running on fluids and lubricants. Equipments on which this oil is applied continue to function uninterrupted for longer durations that is very convenient for the user.

Customers today are making extensive use of Shell Omala Oil provided by us as the oil extends the oil-drain intervals in the range of 100-200% for different applications. Our synthetic oils like Shell Omala S2G and S4 GX are gaining popularity in the market.

Schmierstoffe Service also provides extreme pressure gear oils like Castrol 220. It is high quality lubricant and contains refined mineral oil enhanced using sulphur and phosphorous extreme pressure technology that enhances life of equipments on which it is applied.


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