Aral Vitam GF46 Provides Best Protection Against Engine Wears and Tears


Aral Vitam GF46 is HLP type high performance and zinc free hydraulic oil. The oil conforms to DIN 51524-2 requirements and gives excellent protection to engine against natural wear and tear over wide range of loads. It has very good air-water separation abilities as well as minimum foaming tendencies. In addition, the product offers optimal corrosion prevention as well as good sealing consistencies.

Our Aral Vitam GF46 is used for special thermal as well as mechanical loads requiring high performance oil and has universal applicability. It has proved its utility over the years and has release recommendation through VDEh in conformity to SEB-Nr-181222. The oil is very popular among hydraulic pump and motor manufacturers across the globe.

Besides this unique hydraulic oil we at Schmierstoffe Service also provide high quality Castrol 220 with good thermal stability and excellent resistances to oxidation.


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