Meguin Hydraulikoel HLPD 46 is the best hydraulic oil for systems

If you are looking for high quality hydraulic oils for smooth performance and function, you must consider some properties before you buy oil. First and foremost, you have to choose outstanding EP properties and aging and corrosion resistance properties because without them, the system will not work well. Take Advantage of the Meguin Hydraulikoel HLPD 46 service of lubricants, which has unique properties that make it most suitable for the game. They have special additives that absorb water without cloudiness and do not affect other properties.

Meguin Hydraulikoel HLPD 68 is also the hydraulic oil of the same series with similar characteristics and serves the main purpose of the promising smooth functioning of the system. For optimum performance, foaming and air separation capacity are also adjusted. For machine tools, construction machinery and agricultural machinery, these HLPD hydraulic oils are perfect and you can use them without further consideration.

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