What You Need to Know About Engine Oil Change?


When did you change your vehicle’s engine oil? Do you know when the due date to change the oil for your vehicle is? Well, most of the car owners don’t know their engine oil change due date and it is not a situation that we should appreciate. The engine oil is the driving force that runs your vehicle smoothly and effortlessly and if you fail to change the oil regularly, you may end up having a failed engine. It is crucial and you need to leave no stones unturned to ensure that you change the engine oil at regular intervals. It is the duty and responsibility of the car owner and he should ensure that it is done perfectly and accurately.

However, there are many advanced engine oils available in the market with synthetic technology like Megol Motorenoel Quality SAE 5W-30 that are high quality and high performance oils that last longer. These engine oils are of low Viscosity and highly shear-resistant and prevent deposit build-up. However, irrespective of their performances, they too have limited life and once the life is over, you need to change it.

When to change the oil:

Generally, car manufacturers advise to change the engine oil at every 3000 to 4000 miles. If you are using conventional engine oils, the duration may go 2000-3000 miles too. It is totally depend on the types of engine oils you are using. Also, there are some other factors too like driving skills, driving area, etc. whether you are driving the car mostly in the city or on highways too can impact the duration of the oil change.

Why to change the engine oil regularly:

To answer this question, you need to understand the role of the engine oil like Megol Motorenoel New Generation SAE 5W-30 in the engine. Engine oils reduce the friction and help metal parts of the engine oils to move smoothly by offering lubrication. If the friction is not there, your engine will fail instantly. Also, engine oil offers cooling to the engine which is also necessary for the betterment of the engine. After a while, oil does not stay clean as it comes in contact with dust particles, contaminants, bits of metal and water. Hence, the performance of the oil decreases and you need to change the oil.

High quality and high performance oils like Megol Motorenoel Leichtlauf Engine SAE 5W-30 are good, but at some time, they too need to change due to various problems mentioned above.

Ask your dealer:

The best way to find out when to change the engine oil is to ask to your car manufacturer. Sometimes, you can also see the guidelines on the cover of the engine oil can. You need to ensure that you change the oil as soon as the due date is there. Failing upon may harm your vehicle to a significant manner.

Visit the nearest oil dealer or you can go online too to buy the engine oil. You may get some discounts and offers online.



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