Petronas Paraflu by Schmierstoffe Services for Ideal Cooling System


Schmierstoffe Service offers antifreeze coolant Petronas Paraflu that provides ideal protection to cooling systems in all types of automobiles. Cars, light motor vehicles, as well as their heavier counterparts can all use the product. It is also ideal for use in tractors and earth-moving machineries.

Petronas Paraflu offered by us ensures optimal heat removal from engines. At the same time it provides excellent protection against freezing, corrosion, lime-scale formations, and boiling. Longevity and functionality of engines are substantially increased with its use.

We also provide Optimol Longtime PD 0 that is high performance bearing grease. The lithium based grease contains highly refined mineral oils. It is further fortified using MFT additive technology and in result your equipments get optimum wear protection because it initiates huge improvements in friction characteristics.


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