Keep the Engine of Your Heavy Duty Vehicle Perfect with TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8900 10W 40


If you own a heavy duty vehicle then you need to ensure that you use superior quality of engine oil to make your vehicle give excellent performance on the road. To have a trouble free journey for hours on regular basis, you have to rely on quality engine oil. For your gas and diesel heavy duty engines, TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8900 10W 40 is perfect.

The engine oil is suitable for the most Euro 5 vehicle manufacturers. The oil has synthetic base and provides good protection against wear. It also offers good protection against bore polishing and cylinder wear.

Now, if you also have the requirement of lubricant for high performance of vacuum pumps and hydraulic systems then nothing can beat the quality of castrol 220. The oil is recommended by the experts for using in high speed spindles. The oil is compatible with silicone, fluropolymer seal materials and nitrile.


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