Biodegradable and Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid TOTAL HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46 from Schmierstoffe Service


TOTAL HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46 is biodegradable and total fire resistant hydraulic fluid offered by Schmierstoffe Service. The ester based product is safe for use if you are operating hydraulic equipments in fire risk zones. It is ideal for iron and steel plants, mines, blast furnaces, and continuous casting operations.

TOTAL HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46 can considerably reduce the risk of catching fire due to a leaking mineral oil hose pipe even when operating in immediate vicinity of a flame. The product is also recommended for use when you are operating offshore or in mines t prevent water contamination effects.

We also provides Aral Vitam GF46, a high performing and zinc free hydraulic oil. It corresponds to type HLP. The product provides excellent wearing protection over a broad range of loads and can prove very useful for you.


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