Buy Premier Quality Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant Alpha SP 460 Castrol at Schmierstoffe Service


Schmierstoffe Service provides for you premier quality extreme pressure gear lubricant Alpha SP 460 Castrol that has the capability of providing best protection to all your machineries in most demanding situation. The lubricants are ideal for all new generation gear boxes as well as those used in heavy industrial machineries. The product is blended with base mineral oils and for performance improvement the lubricant uses additives like sulfur and phosphorous.

The lubricants are specially designed for enclosed gear boxes of industrial machineries that work under extreme load conditions. It can be used in chain drives, flexible couplings, plain as well as roller bearings, and sprockets.

Castrol Alphasyn EP 460 can work in temperature level up to 110 degrees Celsius. Buy the lubricants and use them to remain tension free about protection of gear assemblage in your machineries.


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