High Quality Gear Oil Castrol 220 at Schmierstoffe Service for Anti-wear Protection


Schmierstoffe Service provides for you Castrol 220 that is high quality gear oil and ideal for preventing wear and tear of machineries due to extreme pressure and heavy load. The solvent refined and mineral oil based lubricant has extreme pressure properties.

Castrol 220 offered by us has enhanced power due to use of sulphur/phosphorus based extreme pressure additive technologies. In result the product has outstanding thermal stability coupled with high load bearing capabilities. The product is idea for hydraulic systems, transmission, as well as web brakes.

Schmierstoffe Service also offers Petronas Arbor MTF 10W 30 for you that ensures high performance by the gearbox. It is especially suitable for use in automatic gear due to the 10W -30 viscosity grades as well as special preparation. Anti-wear capability of the oil can extend gear life considerably.


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