Total Seriola D TH


Total Seriola D TH Is a cleaning additive for heat transfer circuits


Total Seriola D TH is a Heat transfer fluid




Heat transfer oils circuits cleaning before drain


  • SERIOLA D TH is used diluted in the fluid for circuits requiring cleaning.
  • SERIOLA D TH can be used for cleaning operations or as a preventive means.
  • For cleaning add 5 % minimum of SERIOLA D TH in the circuit 24 to 48 hours before oil change while maintaining the fluid circulation at the normal use temperature (approximately 270 °C).
  • The circuit must be carefully emptied and the filters replaced before refilling the circuit with the new oil. When added in a proportion of 1 % on a permanent basis, the circuit is kept outstandingly clean.




high heat transfer efficiency Running safety


  • SERIOLA D TH has a high detergency and dispersiveness level ensuring an efficient cleaning of the heat transfer circuit. Excellent thermal stability.
  • SERIOLA D TH is completely miscible with all mineral-based heat transfer oils. Please contact technical support for details of use with synthetic heat transfer oils.


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