Total Finaturol D


Total Finaturol D Is a vegetable oil for dough dividers and bread cutting machines


Total Finaturol D is a Food processing aid


Total Finaturol D is a Very high performance vegetable oil for dough dividers and bread slicers.




Baking Industry

  • FINATUROL D has been developed to ensure optimum performances of lubrication and to give maximum wear protection to the knives with an oil consumption as low as possible.
  • FINATUROL D is used to prevent sticking and the development of varnishes on the surface of the knives.


Food processing aid:

  • 100% vegetable
  • GMO free
  • Allergen free
  • NSF 3H registered
  • DGCCRF approved


  • FINATUROL D is a 100% vegetable product, GMO free and without animal products.
    It is based on a mixture of vegetable oils and food additives included in the positive list of
    the European Directive 95/2/CE.
  • FINATUROL D is NSF 3H registered. It meets American laws regarding direct contact with food according to FDA, 21 CFR 182-184.
  • It meets the European laws concerning food processing aid, most of all the Directive 89/107/CE.
  • FINATUROL K2 has been approved by French food agency (DGCCRF) for use as a
    food processing aid in bakery (maximum residual quantity in dough is 3 g/kg).
  • FINATUROL K2 meets Europeans laws 1829/2003/CE and1830/2003/CE regarding GMO labeling.
  • FINATUROL K2 does not contain any allergenic food ingredient in compliance with the directive 2007/68/CE amending the Annex IIIa to Directive 2000/13/CE.



Very high performances

No deposit and protection of
the knives
Reduced consumption
Tasteless and odorless

  • Due to an excellent oxidation resistance, FINATUROL D is able to hinder varnish and deposit formation. Frequency of cleaning is thus decreased.
  • FINATUROL D has some excellent spreading and covering properties which facilitate
    lubrication and reduce oil consumption.
  • FINATUROL D allows to an excellent precision on dough roll weight, even at high speed.
  • Due to its specific formula, FINATUROL D does not change the taste nor the odor of the finished product.


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