Total Equivis XV 32


Total Equivis XV 32 Is a very high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils with high shear resistance.




  • Equivis XV is a range of anti-wear hydraulic fluids recommended for all kind of hydraulic circuits operating within a very wide temperature range.
  • Their excellent viscosimetric properties and their high shear resistance make the oils especially suitable for the use in mobile machines hydraulic systems intended for cold regions or which have to work in low temperature environments such as cold stores.


Low temperature operation
Long equipment life time
High operating reliability

  • Very high viscosity index (VI > 250).
  • Very high shear stability to ensure proper working of the hydraulic system in a very wide temperature range even under extreme shear rate conditions.
  • Easy low temperature operation due to a very low pour point and an exceptional viscosimetric behaviour.
  • High protection against wear insuring maximum equipment life.
  • Superior thermal and hydrolysis stability.
  • Good oxidation stability ensuring a long service life of the fluid
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Good anti-foam, air release and desemulsibility properties.
  • Good behaviour towards current elastomers.


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