Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX


Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX  is a Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil


Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX is formulated from selected premium performance, highly refined mineral oils. This provides the very low vapour pressure and high performance, desired for the effective lubrication of rotary vacuum pumps.


Performance Benefits


Long oil Life – Maintenance saving


  • Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX is formulated to provide excellent resistance to oil degradation. This ensures the oil will provide a long service life as well as reduced tendency for sludge build up and deposit formation.


Outstanding wear & corrosion protection

Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX helps provide effective protection of internal metal surfaces from corrosion and wear.


Maintaining system efficiency

The selection of very low vapour pressure base oil with a narrow boiling range enables the pump to efficiently work at the vacuum for which it is designed over the extended maintenance period. The product also ensures protection against foaming.




Rotary vacuum pumps
  • Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX is designed for the use in rotary and sliding vane vacuum pumps. It can be used to provide low to medium vacuum pressures. It is suitable for most laboratory and industrial rotary vacuum pump applications.


Standard operating environments


  • Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX is suitable for applications where ambient temperatures are above 0°C and where maximum operating temperatures do not exceed 100°C. Maximum vacuum pressure capability generally tends to decrease as the pump operating temperatures increase.
  • Shell Vacuum Pump Oil S3 RX is not recommended for use when corrosive gasses or chemical vapours are involved in the extraction process.


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