Shell Turbo S4 GX 32


SHELL Turbo S4 GX 32 Is a gas and combined cycle turbine lubricant


Application / Features


For use in industrial steam turbines, gas turbines and combined cycle systems with gears. Shell Turbo S4 GX offers a long oil life, excellent Protection, high efficiency and improved load carrying capacity. It contributes to that
The systems are always operated efficiently even under the toughest conditions of use can. Thanks to the innovative shell GTL technology, Shell Turbo S4 GX, the Formation of residues and deposits significantly reduce the likelihood
a failure of critical components and reduce the risk of unplanned To reduce turbine downtime. Besides, Shell Turbo S4 GX helps a lot reliably protect loaded gearboxes against wear. Industrial tests confirm clearly better performance than the industry standard.

It meets and exceeds the specifications / requirements leading turbine manufacturer, including MAN D & T, Siemens, GE and Alstom.


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